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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Christmas is just around the corner. My oldest daughter is starting to save up her money for christmas presents. This is her first ever job and I am extremely proud of her. Its also time for me to start preparing christmas gifts for friends and family. A homemade gift is always the way to go because it shows your love and appreciation for others and you can be as creative as you want when designing your gift. Here is a bag that can be for any age or gender and is perfect as a last minute gift.

This bag is perfect for storing your grocceries, toys, and other miscellaneous. Its simple and easy to make yet its a bag that can be used for all sorts.

What makes this bag different from the average shopping bag!

I designed this bag a little differently to your average shopping bag. I designed the handle of the bag differently to the usual one so it could be stylish and easier to carry.

What material should you use:

You can use a variety of fabric such us canvas, cotton, linen, wool, and denim. Any fabric is suitable for this bag. You can design it to your own liking and make it as crazy as you want!


- If your making this bag for your own use, then you can recycle your old clothes that you don't use anymore and upcycle them into a new bag. This helps the environment and saves you alot of money.

- For a more trendy and stylish bag, you can use a beach strap or leathertte for the bag handle.

- Also if your looking for more income, why dont try to make this bag and sell it on an online platform such as Esty, Ebay, Amazon, or your own website. If you want you could even sell it at your local markets.

What you need to make this bag:

- Sewing machine

- Fabric: you can use any fabric you like, but i used canvas because its very heavy and strong, which keeps the back in shape even without the interfacing.

- Bag strap

- Good scissors for cutting fabric. (TIP: Dont use your fabric scissors to cut paper or anything besides fabric because it will make them blunt)

_ Needle, if your using a thick and heavy fabric, I recommend that you use needle number - ,or if you use cotton or normal fabric you should use needle number -

- Thread, I recommend that you use the cotton thread because its very strong

The finished bag size measurement

Length 50 cm. / 19.75 inches

Height 39 cm. / 15.50 inches

Width 20 cm. / 8 inches

Bag Tutorial!

You can find the bag measurements and tutorial in my video below. In this video it will show you the step by step tutorial on how to make this bag. This video is made to suit any skill level. So dont be afraid to try it even if you dont have much sewing experience. Leave a like on the video and comment how you went. I love to read how everyones bags turned out. Also if you have any questions about it, just leave it in the comments. Have an amazing day and I'll see you in my next tutorial!! :)

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