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I really love this simple yet beatiful ruffle sleeve top. This top design is perfect any occasion and any age.

I not sure if this applies to everyone but anytime I go out clothes shopping I can never find any top that I like. I just wanted something that was simple and fashionable but also a bit trendy and mix of old style. I like using materiel that is good for any weather/environment. This shirt will also cost you half the price that it would cost to buy this shirt from a store.


First of all you will need to print my Beautiful Ruffle Sleeve top Size 6 - 16 just below, and its all FREE!


update Ezi2make Ruffle Sleeve Top sewing PDF pattern size 6 - 16
Download PDF • 2.23MB


- Sewing PDF pattern : you can print it just above

- Sticky tape : you will need the sticky tape to stick all the patterns together.

- Fabric : you can use any non stretch fabric that you like but personally I like to use cotton and rayon.

- Sewing machine : in this project I am using a brother sewing machine and you can use any machine of your choice.

-Overlock : overlock is not necessary, if you don't have it that fine, you also can use zigzag scissors

- Thread : try to use the thread thats the same colour as your fabric.

- Needle : if you have heavy fabric you will need the needle size 80 and if the light fabric you will need the needle size 70.

- Scissors : you need fabric cutting scissors

After you print the sewing PDF pattern out then you need to use the sticky tape to put it all togther.

It is easy to do and you can find guidance in the image below.

The next step is to take the pieces of the pattern and put it on the fabric and then add the seam allowance 0.50 cm away from the edge. Then cut the fabric.

You will get:

- 1 piece for the front

- 1 piece for the back

- 2 ruffle sleeves

- 2 ruffle bottoms

After you've finished all the above then you can start to sew and you can follow my easy tutorial below


You can make this project for yourself, friends and family

I hope you enjoy this project and please share this sewing PDF pattern on your socials, and with your friend and family.

Please leave a coment on how you went and leave any advice!

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