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Updated: Nov 11, 2022

This bag is so beatiful and gorjious I really can not belive that dark blue denim will go very good with pink

with pokadot and specailly when add the dark leathrette handle it look so perfact with it.

Today just Let's create a 'DIY DENIM BAG'. I am so excited to share my very own mini denim tote bag with you guys. I am really happy with the bags results and it can be very useful for every occasion such as: using it as an every day bag, using it as your handbag.

What you need:

- Sewing Machine, if you don't own one then you can check out this website for good quality sewing machine, Here

- Fabric, The fabric for this bag I'm using a Medium interfacing but its up you whether you want to use a Heavy one or not. you shop for interfacing, HERE

- The Needle Thread or Leatheratte, you can shop for this items, HERE

Before we start, here is and image of the finished product and its measurements:

one quick tip: When making this bag you can design it to you preference. so if you want to add different colours or accesories to match the latest trends or season, then it is completely up to you.

This easy step tutorial can be suited for any skill level or age. Its very easy to create at home and it doesn't require any hard labour. Its perfect as a gift for birthdays, christmas and mother's day. You welcome to sell it for your own personal benefit aswell, at market or online stores.

It would also appreacite some feeback about my bag. When you finished creating yours let me

know how you went and tell me if you had any issues with it or how I can improve my bags in the future.

Thanks for all the love and support.

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